Meet The Broke, Homeless Cocktail Waitress Who Turned Millionaire In 2 Short Years.

Dani has been interviewed on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, Forbes, Fox & Friends, and was the season-premier star of ABC’s Secret Millionaire.

Dani’s life flies in the face of fate. Born into a house of crumbling values and gut-wrenching abuse – she climbed into a business suit and made a name for herself.

Only – her story isn’t typical rags-to-riches. Sure, “homeless to millionaire” sounds ready made for Hollywood. But if they made a movie as gritty as Dani’s life, you’d be picking sand out of your teeth after leaving the theater.

Dani was a desperate woman who hunted her excuses down and killed them. One. By. One.

The teenage mom known as Danette Oakes didn’t become Dani Johnson and appear in the premiere episode of ABC’s Secret Millionaire because someone took pity and carried her over the obstacles of her life.

She got down and dirty. She went to work. Becoming a seven-figure sensation in the home business industry.

That was just the beginning.

Her uncanny ability to develop fast-acting solutions for crippling problems has earned her guest appearances on a slew of major media outlets, such as The Oprah Winfrey Show, The View, Fox & Friends, Good Morning America, NPR, USA Today, Forbes,, AOL Finance, Fox Business News and Variety.

Her advice is sought by to more than 50,000 subscribers via The Daily Fix email and The Dani Johnson show is televised daily into more than 24 million homes nationwide.

Outnumbered – Not to Be Outspoken

Dani’s practical wisdom and battle-hardened advice gives her clients a scalpel’s edge to cut through challenges in their businesses, personal and financial lives.

She is a songbird of plain-spoken truth in a tree full of crows.

While the rest of the world chases the newest, shiniest stuff – the mission of is simple: equip teachable people with tools. The tools to build an uncommon life.

Dani adheres to a simple set of priorities and strongly encourages her team and clients to do the same:

  1. Faith
  2. Family
  3. Work
  4. Everything Else

It is the foundation of her success and source of her low-stress, high-productivity lifestyle.

The success that Dani practices and preaches is not:

  • Overnight. This kind of success withers quickly because it lacks a foundation.
  • Overwork. Working 100+ hours in a week is neither smart nor productive. It’s just bad for your health. The hard work is maximizing the hours you do work.
  • Overconsumption. You can’t “buy” success with stuff. Debt and consumption builds a golden cage around your dreams. Then it burns them alive.
  • Overstepping people. Money, fame and influence will not make you happy or erase your mistakes. The seeds you plant in your relationships will produce fruit – though it may be rotten on the vine.

What Can Do for You?

For each client of, success is a journey.

It’s about keeping your priorities straight.

It’s about cultivating authentic relationships built on honor, respect and genuine concern for the needs of others.

It’s about stewardship. Spend less than you make. Invest more every year. Give consistently to a cause you believe in. Work every job like you own the place.

It’s about thinking for yourself. Listen more than you talk and never follow the crowd without checking for cliffs ahead.

Success is about growing your skills every day. Because passion without skill is like touching a lit match to a puddle of gasoline – it goes off with a flash and a bang, accomplishing nothing. will help you put your passion to work using skills that are proven to generate results, regardless of your ethnicity, education level or previous failures.